The Tough Kid New Teacher Book

Our first year in a classroom with 26 high-energy children can be a delightful experience—but it can be daunting as well! So many minds to nourish and each one so radically different! Are you wishing you had just a few more tools in your tool belt?


2009 / 120 pp.
For Grades:
  • Ginger Rhode
  • William R. Jenson
  • Daniel Morgan
Area of Focus:


The Tough Kid New Teacher Book is an essential resource for anyone new to teaching—a practical, easy-to-use guide to managing even the most challenging classroom. The book focuses on strategies you can learn quickly and implement immediately.

You will learn how to employ proven, research-based strategies to:

  •  Set a positive tone for the entire school year by carefully planning for the first few days of school.
  •  Create a positive learning environment with classroom rules and routines.
  •  Use Precision Requests to increase student compliance.
  •  Establish and enforce positive and negative consequences for student behavior.
  •  Deal effectively with kids who misbehave again and again.
  •  Put an end to particularly bothersome behaviors such as swearing, talk-outs, disrespectful interactions, and noncompliance.
  •  Reduce your own stress and frustration.
  •  Spend your time teaching, not disciplining.

The Tough Kid New Teacher Book will help you make your first year a happy and successful start to a fulfilling career.

  • Ginger Rhode

    Ginger Rhode, Ph.D., is the deputy superintendent for academic achievement in the Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah. Previous assignments in other school districts have included director of special education, director of federal and state programs, elementary school principal, junior high school vice principal, and teacher in elementary and secondary classrooms for severe behavior disordered/emotionally disturbed students. Her main areas of interest and expertise include classroom and schoolwide management, social skills training, generalization and maintenance of behavior, legal issues affecting students with disabilities, and providing a rigorous academic environment for all students.

  • William R. Jenson

    William R. Jenson, Ph.D., is a professor and past chair of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Utah. He received his Ph.D. in School Psychology/Applied Behavior Analysis from Utah State University in 1975. He directed the Adolescent Residential Unit in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Children's Behavior Therapy Unit (CBTU) for Salt Lake Mental Health. CBTU is a day hospital program for severely emotionally disturbed and autistic children. Dr. Jenson's interests include behavior management for severe behavior problems, behavioral assessment, school-based interventions, parent training, applied technology, and meta-analytic research.

  • Daniel Morgan

    Daniel P. Morgan received his bachelor's degree in special education at Western Michigan University, his masters' in special education at Michigan State University, and his Ph.D. in special education from The Florida State University. He was on the faculty at Utah State University in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation for 27 years and spent 10 years with the Utah State Personnel Development Grant. His professional interests include new-teacher induction programs, personnel preparation in special education, legal issues in special education, and evidence-based instructional practices for students with disabilities. Currently, he is Chair of the Department of Special Education and Literacy Studies at Western Michigan University.