The Third Quest: Reading Intervention

The Third Quest is a comprehensive vs. targeted intervention for adolescent struggling readers.


The Third Quest Teacher’s Materials include everything one teacher or instructor needs to teach The Third Quest—The Program Guide, Teacher’s Guides for each of nine levels, a Teacher’s Reader, map, posters, downloadable reproducible materials (including in-program assessments), short videos (for students), teacher training videos, and one set of student materials.


The Third Quest Student Materials include everything needed for one student to complete The Third Quest: Student Reader, Survival Guide (vocabulary and word study), and set of nine consumable logbooks.


The Logbook Refill includes nine consumable Logbooks for an individual student.


For Grades:
  • Marilyn Sprick
  • Ann Watanabe
Area of Focus:


The Third Quest is a comprehensive vs. targeted intervention for adolescent struggling readers.


Middle and High School Struggling Readers (grades 5 through 12) and adults

  • General education intervention students
  • Special education students
  • Students with dyslexia

Entry Level: 60 to 130 wcpm on sixth-grade passage; approximately a 3rd to 5th grade reading level


Field test students gained as much 68 words correct per minute in fluency. (The average gain in fluency was 35 words correct per minute across 90 days of instruction.) Students also gained as much as 4.1 grade equivalent units in comprehension and vocabulary across 90 days of instruction. (The average gain was 1.4 grade equivalents, roughly 3 times the expected gain.)

“When teachers teach and programs deliver: Wow!!! Impressive results. The authors have done it again. High quality teaching paired with systematic evidence-based materials has been a win for our kids!!!” – Carol Sanders, Director of Teaching and Learning, Oregon City


“Before, if someone read it to me I could tell exactly what it said, but if I read it myself I couldn’t remember anything. Now I can remember when I read by myself.” – Third Quest Student

“The Third Quest is a great program that really helped me with my reading and writing. I think The Third Quest should be a movie or maybe there should be more books.” – Third Quest Graduate


Watch a recorded webinar by Marilyn Sprick.

View the “Look Inside” pages to learn about implementation and to view the instructional components: Vocabulary, Word-Reading Strategies, Content Knowledge, Comprehension Strategies, Fluency, a Scope and Sequence of narrative fiction and informational text, CCSS Connections, and materials.

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  • Marilyn Sprick

    Marilyn Sprick has been a general education teacher, special education teacher, and Title I learning specialist. As an educational consultant, Marilyn has provided training in literacy, curriculum adaptation, and collaborative instruction for thousands of teachers throughout the United States and Canada. Marilyn’s focus is on scaffolding and differentiating curriculum, explicit instruction, motivating students, and diagnostic prescriptive teaching. She is well respected for her ability to inspire teachers and translate research into classroom practice. As a literacy expert, Marilyn is the lead author of Read Well K-2 (a scientifically based early reading program) and The Third Quest—a reading intervention for adolescent struggling readers. Marilyn is also author of “Preintervention 2: Assessing and Adjusting Academic Support” in Early-Stage Interventions and a coauthor of Meaningful Work; The Tough Kid On-Task in a Box, part of the Tough Kid series; SMART Kids, a social skills curriculum for grades K-1; and First Step NEXT, a Tier 2 behavioral intervention for young children. Sign up here to subscribe to Marilyn Sprick's Newsletter for Literacy Nerds.

  • Ann Watanabe

    Ann Watanabe is an author of Read Well 2, Read Well 2 Fluency Foundations, Read Well 1 Composition, and The Third Quest. She has worked in education as a teacher in special and general education. She has been a resource teacher, reading coach, literacy consultant, and adult education teacher. For more than 35 years, Ann has dedicated her career to helping students of all ages become literate and self-confident. Throughout the state of Hawaii, Ann is known for her work in early reading instruction and instructional delivery—providing professional development for thousands of teachers. She has worked on multiple school improvement initiatives and is the coauthor of the Hawaii State Literacy Tutor Training Program. Ann has presented at district, state, and national conferences and is the recipient of a national Excellence in Education Staff Development award. She coauthored the K–2 CCSS (Common Core State Standards) reading assessments for the state of Hawaii. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher in Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood. As an educational consultant, Ann continues to provide consultation and training in beginning reading, explicit and instruction, Read Well, and a range of supplemental and intervention reading programs.

Spring/Summer 2023 Virtual Third Quest Training

Join Marilyn Sprick for nine hours of virtual training on teaching The Third Quest with fidelity and success.


Contact our partners at CORE Learning to set up your own Third Quest training. CORE is known for providing educators professional learning and ongoing support to implement high-quality math and English language arts curricular materials, rigorous and equitable instruction, and effective assessment practices. CORE can provide follow-up coaching services to support your teachers in delivering effective Third Quest instruction.