Structuring Success for Substitutes

A companion volume to Stepping In: A Substitute’s Guide to Managing Classroom Behavior, this book guides administrators, faculty, and staff through creating and implementing a substitute teacher development plan for districts, schools, or individual classrooms.


172 pp. (includes complete copy of Stepping In) and 12 pp. fillable reproducible forms and more for download


Through Structuring Success for Substitutes, educators learn how to:

  • Develop and teach consistent, clear expectations for student behavior with subs.
  • Develop consistent, fair responses to misbehavior.
  • Prepare materials, information, support, and education for substitutes.

The book comes with worksheets to guide the development of policies and procedures regarding substitute teachers, sample lesson plans, and a sample Substitute’s Notebook that provides the essential information a substitute needs before stepping into a classroom. It also includes a complete copy of Stepping In.