CHAMPS (3rd ed.)

Student misbehavior has always been the leading cause of teacher frustration. CHAMPS empowers teachers to improve student behavior and motivation by creating classrooms where all students can thrive. By reducing misbehavior, teachers focus their time and energy on instruction and student success. Teachers will create a positive classroom community where they help students develop social-emotional skills for life.



2021 / 608 pp., plus downloadable, fillable reproducible forms and CHAMPS icons
For Grades:
  • Jessica Sprick
  • Randy Sprick
  • Jacob Edwards
  • Cristy Coughlin
Area of Focus:


Educators discover practical strategies to motivate students to engage in responsible behavior, build positive relationships, manage their work, understand acceptable uses of electronic devices in the classroom, and engage with instruction.
For students who struggle in school related to experiences of trauma, poverty, systemic racism, generational difficulties with the school system, or a disability, purely punitive and reactive approaches will not encourage positive behavioral changes. Teachers will learn proactive strategies to structure for success, reduce misbehavior before it happens, focus on positive behavior and student strengths, and use an instructional approach to correct behavioral missteps.
CHAMPS teachers guide students toward a successful school career and increase their chances for success in work and in life.

The research-based CHAMPS approach will help teachers create highly successful classroom management plans that will:

  • Include high expectations for all students’ success
  • Build positive relationships with students
  • Create consistent, predictable classroom routines
  • Teach students how to behave successfully
  • Observe and monitor student behavior and data
  • Provide frequent positive feedback
  • Correct misbehavior in a calm, consistent, and fluent manner

CHAMPS and Discipline the Secondary Classroom are companion processes to improve student behavior within the classroom.  CHAMPS is designed for K-8 Classrooms and Discipline in the Secondary Classroom is designed for 9-12 classrooms.



CHAMPS is organized to more closely follow the STOIC framework as it guides you through assessing your and your students’ needs and developing your Classroom Management Plan. New material covers:

  • How the CHAMPS approach aligns with initiatives such as multi-tiered systems of support for behavior (MTSS-B), social-emotional learning priorities, and trauma-informed practice
  • Acknowledging and appreciating diversity and improving equity, inclusion, and access by reflecting on existing regularities in discipline planning and identifying better practices that help all students thrive and achieve their full potential
  • Centering positive relationships at the foundation of your management approach by using strategies to consciously build and maintain relational trust with students and families
  • The importance of maintaining and communicating high expectations for all students, and strategies for doing so
  • Procedures for managing partner and cooperative group work and student technology use
  • Implementing behavior management practices in the virtual learning environment

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“We have been using . . . the CHAMPS approach in our work for over 10 years. Across our county, we have been delighted to see this approach easily used by staff in districts and schools with favorable academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes, including a decrease in suspensions and expulsions, increased attendance, higher academic achievement, and most importantly, staff and student connectedness.”

— Jane Wagmeister, Ed.D., Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Ventura County Office of Education


“This book taught me more about classroom management than any other book I’ve read—and I’ve read a lot of them. If you want to create a learner-friendly environment in your classroom, this is the book you need to read.”

—Jim Knight, Senior Partner, Instructional Coaching Group



  • Jessica Sprick

    Jessica Sprick is a consultant and presenter for Safe & Civil Schools and a writer for Ancora Publishing. Ms. Sprick has been a special education teacher for students with behavioral needs and Dean of Students at the middle school level. Her practical experience working with special and general education students and staff, along with strong training in positive behavior support techniques, drives her passion to help school personnel develop and implement effective classroom management plans.

  • Randy Sprick

    Randy Sprick has worked as a paraprofessional, teacher, and teacher trainer at the elementary and secondary levels. Author of a number of widely read books on behavior and classroom management, Randy is former director of Safe & Civil Schools, a consulting company that provides inservice programs throughout the country. Although Randy is largely retired, his Safe & Civil Schools colleagues continue the work of helping large and small school districts improve student behavior and motivation. Efficacy of that work is documented in peer-reviewed research, and Safe & Civil Schools materials are listed on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). Randy was the recipient of the 2007 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Wallin Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the Direct Instruction Hall of Fame, along with numerous other awards and honors.

  • Jacob Edwards

    Jacob Edwards began his career in education teaching chemistry and biology in the inner city of Los Angeles. Fueled by the belief that all students deserve an equitable, quality education, Jacob became a school leader, where he honed his ability to lead diverse teams of staff and students, improve instructional practices, and establish systems to build positive school culture. Jacob went on to become the founding principal at a middle school in Watts, California, and later led transformation efforts at a middle school in Memphis, Tennessee. Most recently, Jacob joined the Safe & Civil Schools team to continue to improve educational outcomes for all students by working with educators across a variety of school settings.

  • Cristy Coughlin

    Cristy Coughlin holds a Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Oregon and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Western Michigan University. She has worked as a First Step coach, school-based behavioral consultant, and program evaluator for educational projects based in the United States, Australia, and Africa. Her areas of expertise are oriented around educational assessment, applied behavior analysis, and translating educational research to practice.