Privacy Policy

Ancora Publishing, its related organizations, affiliates, and its various divisions and subsidiaries, including Safe & Civil Schools, recognize the importance of protecting the information that we collect from visitors to our websites when they use our websites for activities such as registering for newsletters or purchasing products. A variety of personal information may be collected by Ancora Publishing from users through their use of our websites. While Ancora Publishing makes every effort to keep your personal information secure, we cannot guarantee that the information provided to us through your use of an Ancora Publishing website is completely secure. It is our policy to use the information provided to us through website use to respond to your requests, and otherwise for internal business purposes only. As one facet of our internal business purposes, users should be aware that we may share this information with vendors providing services to us, such as hosting services, technical support, credit card processors, and database managers. You should also be aware that personal information that you voluntarily disclose through use of our website, in an area within the website which does not clearly indicate that security measures are in place (such as on a billboard or in a chat room), could be collected and disclosed by other users with access to those websites. Ancora Publishing cannot take any responsibility for such collection or disclosure by third parties for information submitted in areas on our websites that are not clearly designated to have security measures in place.

Occasionally, “cookies” (information stored in a designated file on your computer) are used to store user information. Ancora Publishing may use cookies to “hold” information during online sessions where short-term storage may be necessary to complete an interactive activity on the website or to track links from one Ancora Publishing website to an affiliated website. The storage of this information is temporary and will be used only to complete an online session activity, or in the case of tracking links, for internal business purposes only. If you have any questions about the Ancora Publishing privacy policy, please contact Ancora Publishing at 541.345.1490. Ancora Publishing reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time, without notice to users of or visitors to our websites.