First Step Audio

Instructions: Sample the sounds—chime, keyboard, and piano—and choose the one you prefer. Next, download the files for the selected sound to your media player. For sessions that are longer than the length of the recording, loop playback on your media player. 

Chime: Sample Sound Download All

Keyboard: Sample Sound Download All

Piano: Sample Sound Download All

Each download contains mp3 files for the following intervals, each of which is designed for use at a specific point in the program:

Day 1: 30-second intervals for 20 minutes

Day 2: 1-minute intervals for 20 minutes

Day 3: 2-minute intervals for 20 minutes

Day 4: 4-minute intervals for 20 minutes 

Days 5-10: 5-minute intervals for 20 minutes

Days 11-20: 8-minute intervals for 24 minutes

Days 21-30: 10-minute intervals for 20 minutes