EIA Follow-up Webinars

2023-24 School Year

April 24, 2024, 1 pm PT 
Evaluating Curriculum Materials Through an Explicit Instruction Lens
Recorded webinar     PowerPoint      Rubric K–5       Curriculum Review Workbook

February 15, 2024, 1 pm PT 
The Heart of Teaching
 Recorded webinar      Handout     PowerPoint

January 16, 2024
Comprehension Is the Outcome: Applying Explicit Instruction to Informative Passage Reading
Recorded webinar   Handout   PowerPoint

December 12, 2023, 1 pm PT 
Active Participation in the Secondary Class
Recorded webinar   Handout   PowerPoint   Stocking Stuffers


2021-22 School Year

May 12, 2022, 1 pm PT 
Providing Reading Interventions for Students in Grades 4-9: What Research Tells Us
Recorded webinar         Handouts

Anita discusses Explicit Instruction with Ollie Lovell in this ERRR podcast:

April 5, 2022
Let’s Talk About Cognitive Overload—Addressing Intrinsic and Extraneous Cognitive Load
Recorded webinar    Handouts

February 22, 2022
Polishing Your Practice: Equity Is in the Details
Recorded webinar     Handouts


2020-21 School Year

March 5, 2021
Clarity Clarity Clarity Clarity
Recorded webinar     Handouts
Follow-up Materials: PowerPoint    Knowing Your Learning Target
Wrestling Example

January 21, 2021
Comprehension Is an Outcome—How Can We Promote Comprehension?

As we celebrate the inauguration and our democracy, we remember that “Reading Is a Civil Right.” At the heart of reading instruction is the goal of comprehension. This webinar will remind us of the path to comprehension.
Recorded webinar       Handouts

October 8, 2020
Good Instruction Is Good Instruction:
Applying What We Know to Remote and In-Class Teaching
Recorded webinar      Download All Materials
Handouts   PowerPoint Presentation   Additional Materials

November 18, 2020
Judicious Practice

One of the essential elements of Explicit Instruction is Judicious Practice: Deliberate Practice, Retrieval Practice, and Spaced Practice.

Recorded webinar     Download materials


2019-20 School Year

November 4, 2019
Procedures for Effective and Efficient Walk-Throughs
Recorded webinar      Handouts      PowerPoint Presentation

January 28, 2020
Contributions of Cognitive Science to Explicit Instruction: Two New Books 
(Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of LearningUnderstanding How We Learn: A Visual Guide)
Recorded webinar    Handouts   PowerPoint Presentation

March 17, 2020
Book Study: How I Wish I’d Taught Maths: Lessons Learned from Research by Craig Barton
Recorded webinar    Handouts     PowerPoint Presentation

April 3, 2020 
The Magic Is in the INSTRUCTION, Part 1
Applying the Principles of Explicit Instruction to ONLINE Teaching of Strategies, Concepts, and Vocabulary Terms
Recorded webinar    Handouts     PowerPoint Presentation

April 6, 2020 
The Magic Is in the INSTRUCTION, Part 2
Applying the Principles of Explicit Instruction to ONLINE Teaching of Facts, Knowledge and Content-Area Passage Reading
Recorded webinar   Handouts     PowerPoint Presentation

April 23, 2020 
The Magic Is in the INSTRUCTION Bonus Lessons
Remote Recorded Lesson: Informative Text
Recording     PowerPoint Presentation

Remote Recorded Lesson: Spelling (Intermediate Level)
Recording     PowerPoint Presentation


2018-19 School Year

March 20, 2019

Retrieval and Spaced Practice: In the classroom, in independent study, in professional development
Recorded webinar    Handouts         PowerPoint Presentation

January 15, 2019
Myths in Education
Recorded webinar     Handouts

December 13, 2018
Lessons Plans – One Form Does NOT Fit All
Recorded webinar  Handouts

August 29, 2018
Book Exploration: Creating the Schools our Children Need by Dylan Wiliam
Recorded webinar     Handout


2017-18 School Year

March 2018
Explicit Instruction Applied to Paragraph Writing
Recorded webinar     Handout

January 2018
Getting Active Participation Strategies ACTIVE!
Recorded webinar    Handout

November 2017
Improving Written Compositions—One Sentence at a Time
Recorded webinar     Handout


2016-17 School Year

April 2017
Exploring the Simple View of Reading
Recorded webinar     Handout

January 2017
Embedded Formative Assessment: Checking for Understanding
Recorded webinar   Handout

September 2016
Explicit Instruction in Action
Recorded webinar     Handout


2015-16 School Year

May 2016
Explicit Teaching of Information and Facts
Recorded webinar    Handout

April 2016
Skills and Strategies—Explicit Instruction
Recorded webinar    Handout

November 2015
Strategy Instruction—Sentence Expansion, Sentence Combining, Revising
Recorded webinar    Handout

October 2015
What Makes Specialized Instruction Special? Part 2
Recorded webinar    Handout

September 2015
What Makes Specialized Instruction Special? Part 1
Recorded webinar     Handout


2014-15 School Year

May  2015
Support for Explicit Instruction
Recorded webinar     Handout

April  2015
Make It Stick: The Science of Practice, Part 2
Recorded webinar   Handout

March 2015
Make It Stick: The Science of Practice, Part 1
Recorded webinar     Handout


2013-14 School Year

May  2014
Teaching the Conventions of Standard English
Recorded webinar     Slides    Examples

February 2014
Close Reading
Recorded webinar   Handout

January 2014
Repair Active Participation Practices
Recorded webinar     Slides    Examples

November 2013
Writing for Short Amounts of Time
Recorded webinar     Handout


2012-13 School Year

May  2013
Writing Instruction
Recorded webinar     Handout

April  2013
Questions and Suggestions
Recorded webinar

February  2013
Implementation Suggestions—Common Core State Standards
Recorded webinar

September  2012
Observation of Delivery Skills
Recorded webinar