Mickey Garrison

In her 30-year career in education, Mickey Garrison, Ph.D., has been a teacher, an administrator, and a consultant. While she was principal, her school was awarded national recognition and received attention from the George Lucas Foundation, which created a documentary about the school’s accomplishments in mathematics. Under her leadership, her school achieved and has maintained the highest academic rating of “exemplary.” Simultaneously, disciplinary referrals dropped substantially and remain inconsequential. Her students report that their school is truly bully free. She is currently the school improvement director for a joint venture among the Oregon Department of Education, Oregon’s Education Service Districts, Oregon’s K-12 system, and higher education. Under Dr. Garrison’s leadership, districts are advancing school improvement from being an event to becoming an integral part of how their schools operate. As a consultant, Dr. Garrison specializes in training school teams to increase student achievement and improve behavior. She has coordinated numerous statewide and school district change initiatives. Dr. Garrison is currently developing training materials that support difficult-to-reach students in grades K-10.


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