Kim Marcum

Kim Marcum was an elementary principal for 15 years in the state of Washington. Prior to that, she taught both elementary and secondary students with behavioral disabilities, first as a special education teacher and later as a learning specialist. Kim is a widely respected educational leader with a passion for orchestrating success in even the most challenging of students. In 2000, she received the Regional Distinguished Principal of the Year award, presented by the Association of Washington School Principals. Her workshops in the areas of behavior management, study skills, and reading research are highly regarded throughout the country. She has also authored and coauthored a number of publications, most notably Project ACCESS, a study skills program designed for at-risk students.

Leadership in Behavior Support

Leadership in Behavior Support guides administrators through processes for: Forming and working with a behavior leadership team Establishing a 3-level discipline system for handling misbehavior Selecting and adopting a schoolwide …

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Meaningful Work

Students, like all of us, are looking for an area in which to excel. Unfortunately, students who misbehave have found that they are very good at being bad. Through years …

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