Hope Caperton-Brown

Hope Caperton-Brown, Ed.D., is a co-developer of the PASS Program, a licensed psychologist, and licensed specialist in school psychology. She has more than 30 years of educational experience as a classroom teacher, school counselor, director of psychological services, psychologist in private practice, and university professor. Dr. Caperton-Brown has presented at national, regional, and local conferences on topics such as positive approaches to behavior management in school settings, the impact of drug/alcohol dependence, neuropsychology in schools, gender identity, effective parenting, anxiety disorders in school-age children, and special education discipline. Her research includes publications on the relationship between drug and alcohol dependence and cooperative behavior. She was selected as the recipient of the 2002 Outstanding School Psychologist Award presented by the Texas Association of School Psychologists.

PASS Virtual October Training 2023

PASS helps school staff serve students with serious emotional disturbances in the general education setting, using individualized programming that incorporates best practices. Programming combines targeted, intensive instruction with behavior monitoring …

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PASS: Positive Approach to Student Success

Developed by a behavior specialist and a licensed psychologist with more than 40 years of collective educational experience, PASS serves students with serious emotional disturbances in the general education setting …

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