Ancora Publishing is an educational publishing company dedicated to changing the face of education. We began in 2005 as Pacific Northwest Publishing to support our professional development partners at Safe & Civil Schools and have since then added The Tough Kid Series, Explicit Instruction videos, and other resources to our catalog.

We produce practical, high-quality, research-based books and programs to help educators create positive, productive environments where children feel emotionally and physically safe, and thus, actively engaged in the learning process.

We believe strongly in the value of educational research and publish only materials that reflect and promote best practice. We do not publish books or programs that espouse fads or trends in education. Nor do we focus on the purely theoretical. Instead, we translate research into practice, offering practical strategies that educators can use today to effect positive change with students. Our resources are of the highest quality, easy to use, and compatible with current research.

Our products help educators develop their own processes for school improvement. By publishing educational materials that foster positive, nurturing environments in which our children learn how to become successful, productive adults, we feel we are contributing to a positive change in society that will make the future a more just and caring place.

Excellence is a conviction with us. We strive for excellence in all we do—our products, our service to our customers, the relationships we build, our communications, and our commitments.

We are all—our company, our employees, and our customers—working toward the same goal—providing a safe and civil school environment where all children are valued and taught the skills and behaviors they need to succeed in and contribute to our society.