Fall 2023 Virtual Courses

Join us this fall for one or more of these virtual professional development sessions from Safe & Civil Schools.

To improve student behavior in the classroom, learn how to implement practical strategies that promote responsible behavior and increase student motivation. Presented by Jessica Sprick.

This session with Jessica Sprick will focus on how to develop systematic schoolwide and district plans for implementing Tier 2 and 3 supports for students with challenging behavior. 

Join Jessica Sprick to learn how to implement schoolwide and classroom procedures to improve the attendance of all students. You will also learn how to create layers of Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports, apply function-based thinking to craft effective intervention plans, and implement a variety of interventions to address common functions.

These Power Hour sessions with Jessica Sprick offer practical ideas that can make a difference in your classroom tomorrow. Each stand-alone session covers a specific topic designed to help teachers and other staff encourage responsible student behavior in the classroom.

PASS virtual courses are for staff from schools that have already implemented the PASS program. If you want to learn more about the PASS program and how it can help you return students to the general education classroom, email info@safeandcivilschools.com.

PASS Basic Training

Presented by Nicole Bassett, this course covers everything needed for staff to implement the PASS program with fidelity and success. It is designed for individuals who will be facilitating PASS programs and for administrators and supervisors who want a comprehensive knowledge of PASS procedures. 

PASS Supervision Training

PASS Supervision Training, with Nicole Bassett, provides an overview of the PASS program and considerations for educators who are overseeing its implementation. Along with an overview of the PASS program, the session covers implementing the program, evaluating its effectiveness, and training PASS staff.