CHAMPS Resources

Here you’ll find all of the downloadable resources provided in the third edition of CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management. By downloading these files, you agree that you have your own copy of CHAMPS (3rd ed.) and that you will reproduce the materials for use only in your own classroom.


Is CHAMPS Evidence Based?
Review of the research literature that supports the CHAMPS approach.

List of CHAMPS Reinforcers
Ideas for individual and group reinforcers for use with reward-based motivational systems (see Chapter 7).

Classroom Activity Worksheet Examples
Additional sample worksheets to illustrate different sets of expectations based on level of support and type of activity.

CHAMPS Icons and Reproducible Forms
Guide to the reproducible forms and CHAMPS icons provided for download.


CHAMPS Reproducible Forms (includes “Using the CHAMPS Files”)

CHAMPS Icons V1 Primary BW PDF PNG

CHAMPS Icons V2 Primary Color PDF [Note: We are not providing PNGs for this icon set because the file is too large to download efficiently.]

CHAMPS Icons V3 Intermediate PDF PNG

CHAMPS Icons V4 Pictographs PDF PNG

CHAMPS Icons V5 Sentence Strips PDF PNG

CHAMPS Icons V6 Road Signs PDF PNG

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